2014 Awards & Gala Banquet

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Breakfast Meeting on Planning and Facilitation of Development Bill 2013 TTCA Annual Awards & Banquet 2013
TTCA 5th Annual Coral Cup Classic Golf Tournament Breakfast Seminar, “Cash is King – Financing in Construction Projects”
TTCA Annual Awards and Banquet 2012 TTCA and ISTT host Seminar on the Cost of Safety in Construction
TTCA Coral Cup Classic Tournament 2012 What a Contractor needs to know about FIDIC contracts and the Law
TTCA Annual Awards and Banquet 2011 Breakfast Seminar: “Getting Claims Paid, Settling Disputes and Contractual Obligations

Articles of Interest

There are many advantages for using standard forms of contracts. Some are because it is a standard form it is usually a pre-printed form that is readily available and accessible to all (no that does not mean free).  Also as it is publicly available to all (for free or purchase), then the industry would be aware of the terms and conditions...